Traditional dresses

Traditional dresses

DAY 13

To some, these patterns are pretty embroideries in beautiful colors. To me it symbolizes tradition, history, family and love. These are our cultural dresses. I’ve worn so many habesha/traditional dresses in my day that I’ve lost count. It started with me wearing them in my early teens to weddings, parties, baptizms, etc. I used to borrow my moms dresses because I didn’t have any of my own. Now I’m able to save my favorite ones for my daughter.


This past summer I was given the opportunity to design a few traditional dresses. I played with the colors and even got to try the embroiderymachine. I’ll post some more pics when I find them on my phone (too many pics on there at the moment). I love trying new ways of creating.



The second dress for #ellegalan is DONE! Will update more soon. Right now I am trying to be more organized. I need my friend Sanaz H. to manage my life. She knows how to projectmanage everything and everyone.





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