Somebodys mama

Somebodys mama


I try not to torture my kids with my goals. I’ll explain. They’ve spent hours in fabric stores, they’ve sat on fabrics while watching their TV shows, they’ve had piles of fabrics in the kitchen while having dinner (I don’t do that anymore) etc. you get the idea. I think it’s important that children see their parents work hard towards a goal. I grew upp like that. I saw my parents plan, work and execute their goals while being protected from conversations of financial problems and such.

The struggle is to not bring the stress and exhaustion home. I have two children and my schedule is insane. Dropping off at 8am, then 9-5 day-job, then pick-up, then dinner/shower/play/TV/read, then work a little bit, then kids bedtime, then my time shower etc./then work, then my bedtime.

2020 will be different. I am working on making time for sleep and working out. It’s happening.




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