NO. 1

NO. 1
@naliy.ah Pictured in two toned green “Naliyah”tulle dress by @viktoryaabraham

It’s tuesday night (almost wednesday) and I’m looking at my to-do list for tomorrow. I usually work after my children are asleep or at least I try:) This past thursday I showed my first full collection in Stockholm and the response was amazing. I have so many people to thank for all their hard work, dedication and loyalty to me and my vision.

Linda – my coordinator & fashion show producer, my right hand. You’re someone I trust and you’re work ethic is like no other. I have great respect for you.
Spalt Pr Sthlm and Rebeckah Stensson – Don Corleone! I don’t think anything is difficult for you. This show wouldn’t have happened without your encouragement, your confidence in me,  your beautiful space and your amazing force.
Bella – You’re loyalty is like no other. No job is too little and no task is too great for you to get on it. I see myself in you. You are a star. I call you Linda Jr.
Baseba – For never getting tired, for doing my hair, for all the peptalks and for always having a wonderful attitude. I see big thi ngs coming your way.

Nadja – My person. For always putting me first!

Mattias ‘Dainja’ Lundin – For all advice and all problem solving.

Sanaz Haghighi – For keeping me organized and helping me with orders.

Henke Krantz – For all graphic designs and creative brainstorming.

Philip Nidler – For the creative talks and video (Gothenburg)

Erik Folo – For the photos and video (Stockholm)
MJ Blomster Design – Thank you Marie for the floral arrangements. It made everything come together beautifully.

To all my beautiful models. Thank you!

To hair and make-up. Thank you!

Thank you to my best friends! You know who you are. Your encouragement is unlike anything else.

To my cousins:

Amanda – collection stylist, not only my cousin but also one of my best friends. You brought your skills and energy and put the final touch to everything.
Najomih – You started helping me with this before some even knew I was doing a full collection.
Penuel – Thank you for pushing me and showing up for me…and filming the live. Who knew you were a cameraman?! 🙂
Hulda – For working like a champion, dressing models, running errands and fixing problems.
Jonas – For djing the event and having patience with me even though I knoooow I stressed you out. It was perfect.
Degol – Thank you for saving us. Literally saving us time!
Fidel – Thank you for always supporting me and the scouting of models.
Yosef – My cousin and my daughters godfather and one of the closest people to me and someone I trust. Thank you for taking care of me by picking me up/dropping me off when I’m too tired (or have been out partying) and for taking Olivia to her activities so that I can work.

Naomi – For taking care of my children and always showing up in the middle of the night to do my hair and to my uncle G.Yared who is like a grandfather to my children and for always making me feel like I’m on vacation when I’m at your house.

Thank you to my mom who lives by her mantra “Lord just keep me healthy and I will work like a slave for my children”. Yes we are dramatic with in, but what is love with no drama?:) This woman helps me raise my children and because of her I’m able to do exactly what I want, when I want to. Thank you for making my life fun and easy. Thank you to my dad who is fighting for his recovery and still finds time to support me with encouragement, prayer and financial support when needed. Thank you to my sister who is the greatest aunt to my children. I can’t count the times she’s traveled from Stockholm just to spend time with them.

Last but not least thank you to my businessmanager, my little brother Robel. Without your support and encouragement I would’ve still been in the wishing/dreaming stage. You took my vision and fueled it with tough love, late night screaming/threatening sessions, financial support, plane tickets, hotel rooms, to-do lists…the list goes on. I hope I make you proud and I hope you see that I’m not tired and that I’m still laser focused after all these years.

I know that I am blessed and I’m thankful to God.

With this I would like to encourage YOU to follow your dreams. There’s hard work, there’s failure, there’s a great deal of testing involved in pursuing what you love and trying to make a living off of it, but in the end, I think it’s worth it. I’m far away from reaching my goal, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

xx, Viktorya 




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